Say Hello

I don’t expect you want to hear my life story, do you? I thought not! However, as you came to my blog and perhaps considering hiring me, there are a few things you’ll want to know. Principally, that I am someone that you can trust to deliver……

OK, I want to keep it brief.  Over a career spanning almost three decades, I’ve seen quite a bit. I must have covered more than 500 weddings, countless shoots of buildings for architects and interior designers and the like, dozens of PR campaigns and did I mention 20 years in news photography, covering stories in my own area and nationally?

Now I’m quietly proud of some career ‘high points’, like winning the Irish Professional Photographers Association’s ‘Photographer of the Year’ for one, as well as bagging dozens of other awards and distinctions, both in Ireland and abroad.

Over the last few years, I have added another string to my bow, travel photography. Two months or so of every year sees me travelling, supplying pictures to agencies like Getty Images, Alamy and Shutterstock to mention just three. Through them, I have seen my work appear on book covers, travel websites and countless travel supplements of newspapers all over the world.  It’s a growing part of my work and a wonderful experience: shooting skylines in Manhattan, Buddhist temples in Korea or the jaw-dropping architecture of the United Arab Emirates.

There’s more to pro photography than pretty pictures. If I have learned anything over the years it is the importance of ‘delivering the goods’ for my clients. You may want a shot that shows off the product you manufacture to its best. Or, you just need a headshot for your social media. You’re welcome to drop into my studio, it’s purpose-built, with a dressing area, kitchen (for food photography) and I serve a mean cup of coffee! There are a thousand ways my photography can help your business or your own personal journey. Let’s talk!