Travel photography in Heidelberg, Germany

Heidelberg. Photo by Robert Mullan

Heidelberg, Germany

If you loved Cambridge or were beguiled by Oxford’s ‘dreaming spires’, then you shouldn’t miss Heidelberg, Germany. This medieval university city, halfway between Stuttgart and Frankfurt, could pass for the long lost twin of Oxbridge. The similarities abound, summer streets crammed with tourists, students bicycling their way around narrow laneways.

A year or two back I spent a couple of days shooting for one of the photo libraries I supply. Despite ‘bagging’ the usual establishing shots, like the Cathedral and the famous Heidelberger Schloss, (the red brick castle ruins synonymous with the place), the shot I’ve posted is my firm favourite. Heidelberg was almost completely spared allied bombings during WW II and as a result, the city can boast a seductive Old Town with half-timbered and Baroque houses lining cobblestone streets. It has everything for the visitor. If people watching is your thing, head for the Kornmarkt, just off Hauptstrasse (Main Street) or the cafe-lined Marktplatz. Explore the city’s Alstadt (Old Town) or cross the Alte Brucke and walk the banks of River Neckar, all easily accomplished in an afternoon. You can see some of my shots of the city as well as lots of my other travel pictures on Getty Images,¬† here¬†